Department of Mathematics

Mr. Md. Nahid Hasan


Mathematical Modeling in Biology, Mathematical Epidemiology, Mathematics of Network

Academic Biography

BS (Hon's) in Mathematics (DU)
MS in Mathematics (DU)


Educational Information
  • BS (Hon's), University of Dhaka, 2018
  • MS, University of Dhaka, 2019

Professional Memberships
  • Bangladesh Mathematical Society LM-1547
  • Bangladesh Society for Mathematical Biology OM-05

Research Interests
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Theoretical and Computational Biology
  • Graph Theory

All Publications
Md. Nahid Hasan
IVESR Rumor Spreading Model in Homogeneous Network with Hesitating and Forgetting Mechanisms
ACM, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation, 5(2), 105-118. DOI: 10.26855/jamc.2021.06.005, 2021
Publication Type: Journal
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In this paper, we study a new IVESR rumor spreading model with hesitating and forgetting mechanisms in homogeneous network. The rumor free and rumor prevailing equilibriums, and the basic reproduction number are calculated from the mean-field equations of the model. The local and global stability of rumor free equilibrium are proved by using Lyapunov function and LaSalle invariance principle, and the existence of rumor prevailing equilibrium is shown. In numerical simulations, it is found that the vaccination, prohibiting people to spread the rumor, can lessen the propagation of rumor in the network. We also show that the fuzziness of the rumor has a great impact on the size of spreader and the forgetting factor has a great effect on the rumor prevailing duration. Furthermore, we analyze the sensitivity of different parameters on and discussed how they affect the spreading and controlling of the rumor.